(Get Answer) – 3-5 page paper/policy brief on research to lower mass incarceration

Needs to be completed by Saturday (2 days). It is a summary of research found based on 3 articles that all support one idea in lowering mass incarceration and explaining the for and against this policy. Attached you will find the professors instructions with an example of what he means! *** ONLY ASKING FOR WRITING ASSIGNMENT #1 IN THE PDF INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHED** JUST READ THE FIRST 2 PAGES WHERE HE EXPLAINS AND COMPLETE WRITING ASSIGNMENT #1******…………Now if you are willing to do the whole Capstone Research Project i am willing to pay a much higher price. Only asking for writing assignment #1 due saturday right now. Writing assigment #2 due June 29 and the rest of the project due up until July.. if you are up for doing the whole project please let me know. I prefer someone who will start assignment 1 and also complete assigment #2 along with the rest of the project and will be paid for those assignments

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