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  no copy and paste and always remember to use APA 7 Format when writing assignments, reports etc. Always list your references if any. 

1. Listed below are three different organizations at various stages of the product life cycle. Explain the strategy considerations they might undertake for the specific marketing mix variable listed.

Marketing organization life cycle stage mix variable

A. Prucare, managed care plan entering a new metropolitan area: Introduction Promotion Stage

B. HealthStop, an urgent care clinic offering minor ER treatment: Mature Product Stage

C. Community Hospital, a 234-bed facility with seven pediatric beds: Decline Product

2.Conduct a competitive analysis of two health care markets: Las Vegas and Bogota, Colombia for plastic surgery. Examine the pricing strategy for neck lift surgery and for eyelid procedures. Check the websites of at least two providers in each location. Then, answer the following questions based on your review and analysis:

a. How aggressive is pricing among competitors?

b. Are they dominant and aggresive to consumers in the purchase presentation?

c. What other product/service attributes is presented?

d. Which example would be the best for what is an elective, self-pay procedure?

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