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Essay One: Ancient World Literature

Students: Create a thesis-driven literary essay that provides a detailed response to one of the following questions:

Question I: While there are obvious dissimilarities between the various religious traditions and writers, there are also striking points of contact and overlap between these cosmogonies. Identify the three most important unifying element in these creation stories, and argument why they are significant in a thesis-driven essay. Your essay should be a minimum of three and a half pages (3.5)

Question II: After reviewing “The Great Song to Aten,” “Enuma Elish,” and The Epic of Gilgamesh, consider the anthropomorphic nature of the gods and compare and contrast two or three of these gods in a thesis-driven essay. What are their human characteristics? Are their character traits virtuous and profitable for men to follow? Answer these questions in a thesis-driven essay that is no less than three and a half (3.5) pages.

Question III: Consider the character Gilgamesh, is he a virtuous character? What is the critical point for his transformation from tyrant to one who seeks knowledge? Is Gilgamesh a man of action or a man of contemplation. Answer these questions in a thesis-driven essay that is no less than three and a half (3.5) pages.

Note: All essays should include at least three quotes taken directly from the primary source used appropriately to prove your assertions and thesis claims. Additionally, a work cited page is mandatory. Please consider your Little Seagull Handbook for MLA citation and documentation procedures.

Paper Length: Three and a half pages (3.5)

Guidelines: Essays should adhere to the following MLA Formatting Guidelines:

Have a complete Heading:

Full Name,

Professor Name,

Eng. Course Title and section number / ex. ENG 230: World Literature

Date: ex. February 22, 2019

Include a Header to the right margin (Include your last name, and page #)

Title: Center your title after the date

Indent: each paragraph should be indented five spaces or one tab from the left margin.

Spacing: double-space the entire document

Font: proper formatting requires Times New Roman, 12 pt.

name of the book: The Norton Anthology of World Literature (Fourth Edition) (Vol. A) Fourth Edition

ISBN-13: 978-0393602814

ISBN-10: 0393602818

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