(Get Answer) – Marketing portfolio (ch9, ch12, ch13, ch14, ch15, ch16, ch17, ch18, | MGMT 3100 | University of West Georgia

Attached is a Word Document 

There are 9 Pages: (CH9, CH12, CH13,CH14, CH15, CH16, CH17, CH18, CH19) 

Each Chapter has questions that require short answers and/or basic fill in the blank 

The Word Document is on a Template with the questions already typed in. 

Fill in the answers to the questions on the Word Document for each Chapter:

(CH9, CH12, CH13, CH14, CH15, CH16, CH17, CH18, CH19).

***Please let me know if I need to re-post the Word Document along with the PowerPoints***

The Word Document is where the Questions are located though, so that is what has been attached. 

I have the corresponding PowerPoints for each individual Chapters if needed. (This will make the Word Document so much easier to fill out if used along with the PowerPoint). 

Please review and let me know if you are interested. 

This is a very easy assignment, and is time consuming. (But all the answers are in the PowerPoints and/or Book). 

I can come back an attach the PowerPoints if Needed and the Course Book is listed Below. 

The Course Book is: 

MKTG – 13th Edition, Charles W. Lamb, Joe F. Hair, Carl McDaniel

Library of Congress Control Number: 2020904984

Student Edition ISBN: 978-0-357-12780-3

For permission to use material from this text or product, submit all requests online at

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