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Q.  Case Study # 1 Steelfab page 193

Please respond to Questions 1 – 3

Each question should be written-out with a response to follow.  Each response should be about one to two paragraphs long depending on the nature of the question and the details you provide.  Paper should be double-spaced. Please include short intro and short conclusion with recommendation to the particular problems identified in the case study.

Q.1. What symptoms in this case suggest that something has gone wrong

Q.2. Using any two motivation theories in this chapter, explain why: (a) Jackie Wong is less motivated to provide good ideas to her boss, Mr. Johnson, and (b) Jackie is motivated to take sick days when she isn’t sick.

Q.3. What actions would you recommend to Steelfab so that Jackie Wong’s experience and behavior is less likely to occur in future?

– Case Study attached below

– Name of textbook we study- Organizational Behavior: Emerging Knowledge. Global Reality, McShane and Von    Glinow, 2021 9thth Edition

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