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Hello I need someone to write my physics lab report. I have done the experiment and I have find out the result but I want someone to write it. The lab report should continue:

1. Abstract:

Look to the attachment for further defiles 

2. Introduction 

For the reader, not from the Instructions! One or two sentences.  

3. Methodology

Not a “standard operating procedure”. Just describe what you did, withenough detail that a knowledgeable person could figure it out. Include any equationsthat will be used in the analysis

4. Result:

The professor asked us to find three graphs of discharging resistors and one graph for all the charging resistors. I have done all the graphs but it needs captions and if you cannot do it, I can do it.

5. Discussion:

Describe the measurement results, analysis, and results of the analysis. Beclear about how each value was obtained. Don’t list lots of similar values. Give a samplevalue or range of values, and refer to the Tables for the rest. Intermediate calculationresults aren’t needed here.

6. Conclusion:

A sentence or two that summarizes the scientific results (not the skillsgained). For example, you might compare the results of your data analysis with theexpected values to say whether your results support or appear to contradict the theory.The theories we test are well-established, so if the theory is contradicted, you shouldexplain where the errors may have come from. The conclusion must depend on yournumerical results! It cannot contradict your results.

*** I have given you the lab instructions with the explanation of the experiment and I have also give you the guideline of writing the lab report in pdf. I also gave you the excel sheet of the result.  Please, make sure to do everything as explained.

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