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Although we will have many readings each week, you are responsible for writing one (at least 300 words) blog post as a reading response, due each Wednesday at midnight. The reading responses will function to synthesize the readings and your reactions to them, much like class discussion.

Any material assigned is fair game for the reading responses: textbook readings, instructor blogs, online or supplemental readings, attached PowerPoints, etc.

  • You are free to respond to anything we have read since the previous Wednesday. Unless there is an indicated prompt, you may write about any reading you like.
  • Please remember that we have all done the reading, so we don’t need much summary. Instead, take the reading and make concrete, specific connections to your own experience inside and outside of class and our previous readings. Then turn your discussion to how this information shapes our current project or other coursework.



  • Read EBC Chapter 7, “Completing Business Messages”
  • Read Gareth’s Tips for Sucks-Less Writing. The
    relevant portion is on pages 16-24; please ignore the rest of the document
    as it does not pertain to our course. Unfortunately, the revisions the
    author has made to this particular version result in some very
    unprofessional language; please do not use his style as a template for your
    writing or your online communications this semester.

Reading Response

  • Post a reading response in the “Reading Response Week 2” thread. Suggested prompts (you do not need to discuss all of these): How might writing for the workplace differ from writing in college? Describe some of the important ways that writing functions in the workplace or other professional contexts. How do Gareth’s tips help you understand these differences? Why do you think writing is such an important component of effective business practice?
  • For all reading responses, you can discuss any material assigned since the last reading response.
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