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7. MBB Problem 12.12: The Milwaukee Independent School District (MISD) is concerned with white flight— the withdrawal of white students from MISD. Last year, 63% of all MISD students were white. To get a quick reading of the situation this year, a sample of 100 students is selected: 52 of those students are white. What is your best estimate of the proportion of white students in MISD? Present a hypothesis and a null hypothesis, and evaluate them. Present a conclusion in plain English.

8. MBB Problem 13.10 (modified): The William G. Harding School of Public Affairs would like to evaluate its affirmative action program for students. After extended discussion, the faculty decides that all students will take the state civil service exam, and the scores on this exam will be used as the criterion of success. Based on the results shown in the accompanying table, what should the faculty conclude? (Note: You do not need to write a memo, as in the original MBB problem.)

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