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In this assignment, you will engage in a discussion about howChina’s adoption of Buddhism and Rome’s adoption of Christianity have affectedmodern American culture. You may be tempted to think that events of our distantpast have no real relevance in today’s modern world. However, this assignmentencourages you to take a closer look. Compare the Greco-Roman, or Western,cultural tradition with the Asian, or Eastern, cultural tradition during thefirst millennium. Then look for its influence on Eastern and Western culturaltraditions in modern cultures.

      • Briefly describe the way you perceived thedifferences between the East and the West before taking this course.

      • Based on the information you have learned inthis course, what, in your opinion, are the fundamental differences betweenEastern and Western cultures of the first millennium?

      • How does knowing the history of the East andWest change your perceptions of modern differences between the two regions?

      • Choose an aspect of modern culture, such as NewYear’s celebrations or predominant architectural styles, and analyze how: theaspect of culture is perceived in Eastern and Western cultural traditions.

        • Eastern and/or Western cultural traditions haveinfluenced the aspect in modern cultures.

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