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In this assignment, you will write an essay about the variousmajor centers of learning in the latter half of the first millennium. Thesecenters had tremendous influence on civilizations past and present. Writingthis essay will give you an opportunity to see how the events of the age cameto be and how they still have an impact in your life today.


1.  Read thefollowing article. Note that Istanbul is now the capital of Turkey. Formerlycalled Constantinople, it was the capital of the Byzantine Empire during thelatter half of the first millennium. As you read the article, find in theexample of Istanbul indications of the divisions between Eastern and Westerncultures and the historical sources of these divisions.

2.  Write anessay to compare the Byzantine and Muslim centers of learning with the Westernand Eastern cultural traditions of Rome and Asia during the first millennium.Consider these questions to guide your writing (Do not simply write a shortanswer to each question; you are writing a well-developed, coherent essay.):

  • Given that theByzantine and Muslim worlds had so much more in common with Westernculture than with Asian cultures, why are they currently consideredEastern?
  • How does thearticle illustrate the historical sources of the modern divisionsbetween Western and Eastern cultural traditions?
  • How wereByzantium and Muslim centers of learning influential in the past?
  • How are thoseinfluences evident today culturally, politically, and in other ways?Provide specific examples.
  • Why do theseinfluences matter? How do they affect your life?

3.  Be sureto adhere to the following writing guidelines:

      • Your essay must be between 3-4pages in length.
      • Your essay must be double-spacedusing 12-point font, with 1-inch margins.
      • Include your name at the top ofthe first page.
      • Proofread your essay toeliminate mechanical and grammatical errors.
      • For citations, follow APAformat.

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