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Imagine that you are the owner of a small manufacturing company. Your company manufactures a commodity, widgets. Your widget is a clone of a nationally known widget. Your company’s widget, WooWoo, is less expensive and more readily available than the nationally known brand. Presently, the sales are high; however, there are many defects, which increase your costs and delays delivery. Your company has fifty (50) employees in the following departments: sales, assembly, technology, and administration.Write a three to five

(3-5) page paper in which you:

1.Identify significant elements of an organization motivation plan that encourage high job satisfaction, high productivity, high quality work, and low turnover (i.e., job flexibility, training, recognition).

2.Determine which motivational theory you would use to support your motivational plan.

3.Propose three (3) ways to motivate the minimum wage service worker. Support your suggestions with a motivation theory.

4.Consider how communication, attitudes, behaviors, and culture affect team performance. Outline a guide that you would use to lead a work team (e.g., cross-functional, virtual, problem-solving, etc.).

5.Reflect on your individual experience working with your team. Ensure that you include the following:a.How and why the team leader was selectedb.How often your team metc.Challenges that you experienced during this processd.How you would approach team projects / assignments differently in the futuree.The most important lesson learned from this experience

6.Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Answers to second part for team participation

Question #2 we are using the : Two Factor

Question 3.. Expectancy Theory: train them well, clarify performance rewards, adjust rewards to individual needs.

Question #5 a. Robert is the team leader, because he seems to take charge when needed.

Question 5b.. we met three times on Wednesday and texted 2 days in a row

Question 5c.. None

Question 5d…By trying to make more time and getting more information.

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