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Hi, I need help. I need to write 3 comments on my classmates speeches. Each needs to be around 100 words. 

Can you write out my comments and reprasing and rewrite the comments so I have approx 100 words per comment. There are 3 comments, so I need min. 300 words total

Below you will find my written comments. 



Chris Informational speech was about the Chicano Movement. He gave out handouts for all the classmates about the speech with pictures. I thought it was a great idea. He did a very good opening, with a poem from the chicano movement. He used wikipedia as his sources, he shouldn’t have done that. Wikipedia is not an reliable source. He explained the origins very well, although some therms could have been defined a lil bit better. He spoke very freely, he knew his topic very well. He did a very good summary, he went over all the topics from his speech. Overall it was a very impressive topic and speech. 



Mitchels informative speech was about Martin Luther King. The attention gather getter was very good. His preview statement was very well explained. He used visual aids, pictures of Martin L.K. He talked about the History or biography of MLK. The summary was very good with some short overviews of the actual speech. The conclusion was great, he used a quote from MLK. Mitchel should used some references to back up his thoughts. The speech was very good but he read to much from the paper and with this the audience felt kind of left out. He should have looked more at the audience and engage them that way into the speed. But I learned a lot of information from this speech that I didn’t know before about MLK



Nesters Informative speech was about the origins of surfing. The Good attention getter was about this own experience with surfing. Good opening, explained quick what the speech is going to be about.. He talked a lot about the history of surfing. Step by step very well explain. Although went to much into detail which was very time consuming. Freely spoken. Used visual aids of the ancient surfing. Showed the pictures to the whole audience. Explained very detailed what surfing was used for. He used good statistics about stuffing. The conclusion was good he summurised  everything quick but he missed the memorable conclusion. The speech was very good but a lil bit to informative. He should have cut out some information.

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