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1. In this section welook at a form of thinking that goes beyond Piaget’s final stage. Consideringthat many people do not even achieve formal operational thinking, it might seemodd to speak of cognitive skills that are above and beyond what Piagetenvisioned. Why might Piaget not have recognized that there was a form ofthinking more sophisticated than his final stage? As always, be sure toexplain your answer thoroughly. 

2. Is young adulthood better characterized as a period of health-improvinglifestyles or health-impairing lifestyles? Be sure to explain and justify yourresponse. 

3. What is the psychosocial task of young adulthood? In your opinion, doesErikson’s vision of the psychosocial task of young adulthood still apply today?Why or why not? As always, be sure to explain yourself fully. 

4. (a) How do expectations about marriage contribute to the failure ofmarriages? (b) Whatotherfactors can you identify that explaintoday’s high divorce rate?Please provide at least two – consider how times have changed and otherrelevant things that you have read about. (c) Is there any evidence to suggestthat marriage is actually good for you? As always, be sure to explain yourselfand to answer all parts of the question.

5. Explain, in your own words,consensual validationand the matching hypothesis.Be sure to differentiatebetween the two concepts. Based on your experience, do you see support forthese concepts? As always, be sure to explain and support your response. 

6. Describe two studiesthatcould beconducted to identify a biologicalbasis for sexual orientation. (This is a thought question –don’tbe looking for the answer in your text!) Considering the research thathas been conducted (and discussed in the text and/or elsewhere), what doyouthink determines sexual orientation? 

7. Consider the concept of “emerging adulthood”. Explain why thisstage has been proposed and what it is. Is there a need, in your opinion, forthis view of adulthood? Why or why not? 

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