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  1. Promotion in a Police Organization
    Write a response to the followingprompt:
  • Describethe possible component parts of an assessment center, and the advantagesof using this approach to hiring and promoting personnel.  
  • Whatare some of the factors that influence whether or not one is promoted, and what are some of the problems that one faces on assuming a highersupervisory role?

No organization, regardless of its character, can rise higher than thequality and competency of its supervisory officials.

—AUGUST VOLLMER (Peak, K., Gaines, L. &Glensor, R, 2010, p.4)

The important part peoplein these positions play in human resource management is undisputed; theycommunicate, negotiate, train, evaluate, discipline, and deploy and must besensitive to subordinates’ needs and administrative goals and objectives. (Peak,K., Gaines, L. & Glensor, R, 2010, p.4). Every organization needs touse human resource management requires adopting the practice of assessmentcenter. This includes a series of tests and activities as well as simulationexercises aimed at selecting the right personnel for the right role in theorganization.  The assessment centerprocess requires components as well as a number of assessors who monitors theperformance of personnel throughout the process.

Using the assessmentcenters in the process of hiring and promoting personnel are both useful tothe organization as well as the employees themselves. They allow organizationor department to know how one reacts in working environment that is similarto any other former working experience. They are good in selecting the potentialcandidate for a certain position or for promotion. Assessment centers arealso beneficial in instilling a sense of knowledge and skills needed for therole taken by the officers (Weiner, 2013). In essence, it serves as a jobpreview to test the likeliness of a person in enjoying the real organizationculture. One is able to decide the fitness of the role in the workplace. Thepolicing department will require the assessment center as in any otherorganization.

Promoting a person willrequire the competencies and skills that the organization may be lookingafter. Among the factors influences whether to promote or not includes thenature of work, the structure of organization and the workforce diversity.Having assessed the personnel and relying on the organization culture. Byassessing the competence to hold certain officers, the management will beable to know who to take certain roles and who deserves a promotion (Folsom& Boulware, 2004). After assuming a high position, it is likely that onemay face challenges such as coping with the pressure in the position,accepting the culture and pressure from them that depend on the new positionfor them to work better.


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