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Hi, I need help. I need to write 3 comments on my classmates speeches. Total of 300 works. 

Can you write out my comments and reprasing and rewrite the comments. There are 3 comments, so I need min. 300 words total. one can be longer the other one can be shorter. 

I need it until tomorrow (Sunday) evening. 

Below you will find my written comments. 


Migalias persuasive speech was about The Importance of Flossing. I liked her attention getter, where she asked everyone “can you see my smile?”. She explained step my step by we should floss every day and why it is so important to us. She gave many examples and  liked that she used a power point presentation as an visual aid, the presentation was good, although there was a lil to much writing on the slide shows. She just should have used bullet point.  I really liked how she showed the technique how to floss properly. She engaged the whole class. she seemed very confident about the topic she was talking about. The conclusion was good but a lil to informative thats why the speech was a lil to long but it was a good speech. 


Jennys persuasive speech was about “Guns”. I liked her self made visual aid. It should a chart, which was very colorful and eye-catching. She tried to maintain eye contact with the class but still read quite a bit from here notes. but she did improved specking freely in this speech in comparison to her other speeches. She did a good opening and added a few sources but unfortunately there was no real ending. she just cut straight after the short conclusion.  


Antonio speech was about Rescue dogs from shelters. His attention getter was a story about his own personal experience of adopting a shelter dog. It was a opening. As his visual aid, he used a power point presentation as his visual aid, the slides where very informative and he used sources to strengthen his points. he used many examples and explain the benefits of adopting such a dog and the different ways to get information before adopting a dog. It was a great speech. he spoke very freely. He engaged the audience.  and he persuaded me that my next dog will be a shelter dog. 

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