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War can be defined as an organized andprolonged conflict carried out by states or non state actors. It ischaracterized by violence social and economical disruption. It is considered tobe an inescapable and integral human nature aspect. War has very great impactto the entire world. It impacts the social, economy and other aspect of humanthat facilitate the comfort of human being. It has effect on the elderlypeople, middle aged, young people and the children.

Children are greatly affected by warbecause when they survive they have a longer time to live and give theirexperience to the generations that will follow after them. They will have achance to communicate the negative effects of war based on the experience theyhad during the time of war. Some of the things they will remember are brutalmurder of people, destruction of properties among other things.

Besides remembering the children will beaffected in some other ways. War has an economical effect on children where thechildren’s education is being disrupted (Dupuy, and Peters, 2010). Consideringeducation to be one of the best weapons against poverty to people that make upa state or a country, the affected children and the affected generation willface a problem after industries and infrastructures have been destroyed. Thiswill make the generation to be economically affected.

Children will be psychologicallyaffected. This is due to the psychological and emotional trauma that is causedby war has negative effect to the children for example, the First World Warsoldiers suffered a lot from the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and yet theywere adult (Barber, 2009). This is an implication that the children will bemore affected.

Children are confronted with physicalharm, fear and loss. Witnessing the death of their loved ones affects thempsychologically and they are exposed to the state of desperation. They feelinsecure during the time of war. Then after the period of war the children willlose trust and confidence in future. They will find it very hard to build truston other people that affecting their social life. They become anxious anddepressed making them to withdraw from the social life and become aggressive.This makes the children not to develop their full potential hence affectingthem economically.

War has some impacts on children too.War leave very many children disabled this because children cannot access thehealthcare during the time or war and not all the children will be lucky to besaved by the assisting organization like the Red Cross. War has moral andspiritual impact on children making them to suffer the loss of theirconstruction meaning (Fernando, and Ferrari, 2013).  This contributes alot to the children changing their moral structure to start stealing, lying andselling sex to survive.

Preventing war and making the world abetter place for all the inhabitants not only creates a good relation among thepeople but assures the world a better future world.  The children in allways will have a great time developing their being and providing a world withmorally upright people. It again gives an assurance of a productive futureworld without economical rebuilding but economical development. The future ofthe world depends on the young and not the old and if the children are exposedto war the future of the world will be at risk.


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