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Web Research

Look through the sites provided, then research additional resources online and answer the questions listed below.


National Right To Life

Pro Choice America


After reviewing various opinions on the subject youchose, consider the ethical issues involved in the case. Who representseach side, and what is the primary argument of each group? After youhave researched the issue outside the realm of these advocacy sites,answer the questions below.

Possible Additional Sources

Try the following databases, accessible through the Online Library (for directions, see the Web Research Guidelines) for more information on the topics. Alternately, use your own sources for additional information.

  • HealthSource: Consumer
  • LexisNexis
  • PubMed
  • HealthSource: Nursing
  • Newspaper Source?
  • Primary Source?
  • TOPICsearch

Post the fruits of your research to this thread by answering the following questions:

Which criteria did you apply when assessing the sites?Were you able to find quality sources for the arguments you researched?Once you learned more about the person/group behind the argument foundon the site, how did it alter your perspective of the information youfound there?

How do the arguments of the opposing groups compare?Are the points well-thought out? Do they map to any ethical style youhave learned about so far? Is one group’s argument stronger than theother (no matter which side you take)? How could each side improve itsargument? Given the information you found outside of the advocacy sites,do you have any more thoughts on the methods used by each side?

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