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Week 5 Writing Assignment (Part 2) Submission

Complete the outline after you have donelibrary / Internet research for evidence that bears on your hypothesis.  Provideinformation about all of the following components of the finalpaper: 


<!–[if!supportLists]–>2.<!–[endif]–>ApplicableSociological Concepts.

<!–[if!supportLists]–>3.<!–[endif]–>PracticalImplications. Discuss the valueof sociological research into your issue.  Determine whether or not there are(or would be) practical implications of sociological inquiry into this issue. 

  1. Evidence. This is the mostimportant part of the paper. Analyze  at least two (2) lines of evidence thatpertain to the hypothesis that you are evaluating.  Does the evidence supportyour hypothesis? For each type of evidence, consider possible biases andalternative interpretations. 
  2. Conclusions. Draw conclusionsbased on the evidence that you have discovered. Does the evidence confirm orrefute your hypothesis? Is the evidence sufficiently convincing to draw firmconclusions about yourhypothesis?

For example, here is a generic example of what the headings of your possibleoutline might look like:


<!–[if!supportLists]–>II.<!–[endif]–>ApplicableSociological Concepts.





<!–[if!supportLists]–>a.<!–[endif]–>Implications forpublic policy



<!–[if!supportLists]–>b.<!–[endif]–>Implications foremployers

<!–[if!supportLists]–>c.<!–[endif]–>Implications forspouses of workaholics

  1. Evidence. 
    1. Line of evidence1

<!–[if!supportLists]–>i.<!–[endif]–>The evidence andwhat it means


<!–[if!supportLists]–>iii.<!–[endif]–>Alternativeexplanations of what it means.

  1. Line of evidence2

<!–[if!supportLists]–>i.<!–[endif]–>The evidence andwhat it means


  1. Conclusion(s):  Allavailable evidence refutes the hypothesis, but there are alternativeexplanations. 


Baker, A. &Abel, E (2005)  Villagers reject modern attitudes about car washing. International Journal of Sociology, 11, 12-57.  Retrieved fromEBSCO-Host. 

Doe, J.  (2010,April 1)  Villagers retain traditional attitudes despite bombardment withwestern television.  The New York Times.  Retrieved from

Steiner, H. (2012,January 4)  Revolt against local ordinances in the village.  TimeMagazine. pp. 14-15.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inchmargins on all sides; references must follow APA format. 

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignmentare:

  • Evaluate the various methodologies for sociological research.
  • Apply the sociological perspective to a variety of socioeconomic andpolitical problems.
  • Critically examine how society shapes individuals and how individuals shapesociety.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues insociology.
  • Write clearly and concisely about sociology using proper writing mechanics.


Writing Assignment Overview

In this Assignment, you will consider a social issue that interests you. It could be human freedom, sexuality, deviance, crime, social mobility, poverty, education, aging, or another similar issue. Within that general issue, you will select a specific hypothesis to evaluate.  You will conduct library research to gather and critically evaluate evidence that bears on your hypothesis

This assignment is completed in four (4) stages that build on each other.  At each stage, you should keep the final stage in mind.  

Stage (and Week due)

Point Value

Description of Stage

Grading criteria

1 (Week 3)


Identifying the Hypothesis

Hypothesis is stated in a clear manner. 

2 (Week 5)


Outline and Preliminary List of References

Content is provided for each component of the paper.  A list of at least three (3) references is provided.

3 (Week 8)


Draft 1

Evaluated on content for each component, as well as writing skills, and use of citations and references.

4 (Week 10)


Final Version

Evaluated on content for each component, as well as writing skills, and use of citations and references.

In the final stage of this assignment, you will submit a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you:

  1. Specific Hypothesis. Introduce your paper by identifying the specific hypothesis you are evaluating in this paper. 
  2. Applicable Sociological Concepts. Identify the sociological theories and terminology from the text that apply to your social issue
  3. Practical Implications. Discuss the value of sociological research into your issue.  Determine whether or not there are (or would be) practical implications of sociological inquiry into this issue.  
  4. Evidence. This is the most important part of the paper.  Analyze  at least two (2) lines of evidence that pertain to the hypothesis you are evaluating.  Does the evidence support your hypothesis?  For each type of evidence, consider possible biases and alternative interpretations.  
  5. Conclusions. Draw conclusions based on the evidence that you have discovered. Does the evidence confirm or refute your hypothesis?  Is the evidence sufficiently convincing to draw firm conclusions about your hypothesis?  


Part 1 Hypothesis (Made 35 of 50 points)

Homeless veterans are a serious issue thataffects many U.S individuals, considering those Americans that fight for theircountry. Most individuals assume that the some controllable factors are majormotives of homelessness like negative response or idleness to the job.Basically; there are some other key factors like distinctive military skillsnot demanded in the civilian culture, minimal income due to unemployment,shortage of affordable but safe housing and combat-related health issues thatare creating a high risk for veterans to become homeless. These dilemmas areconsequence of their arrival to civilian culture without realistic intermediarysupport or their military service.

Only made 35 out of 50 points due to:

Hypothesis is stated in a way that is notentirely clear.


You have a great topic but you do not have ahypothesis. Take what you have a put into a “if, then, because” statement.

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