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Write a response to the followingprompt:

  • Describe at least three ways in which a leader can failand how those failures can be avoided.
  • What are key leadership styles/traits/characteristicsneeded to avoid failure as a leader?

Throughout my time in the militaryand in law enforcement I have seen many bright and talented fail asleaders.  It is not because they lack knowledge in their job, but becausethey become just another boss that likes to tell everyone what to do, insteadof leading their subordinates and treating individuals as members of theteam. 

A leader can fail by constantly micromanaging theirsubordinates.  The text describes two types of sergeants, Station housesergeants “stood behind their officers,” whereas street sergeants “stood besidetheir officers” (Peak, 2010). Most officers like to be left alone out in thefield and allowed to make their own decisions. 

A leader, who delegates every task that he or she receives,can be seen as a person who “accomplishes nothing while everyone else isworking hard.” There are those individual supervisors who like to “supervise”when others are working hard.  A Good supervisor leads by example.

A supervisor can also fail by being a control taker. Thesepeople crave power; force is foremost, control is critical, and being correctis imperative. They too often cannot delegate and do not allow theirsubordinates to grow with the job. (Peak, 2010) A good way to avoid this is byallowing your subordinates to share in some of the responsibility.  Thishelps them grow and feel like they are contributing to the team.

There is several key leadershipstyles/traits/characteristics needed to avoid failure as a leader. A goodleader needs to lead by example, be transparent to their subordinates, andaccept responsibility in good or bad situations and always be willing to learnand improve in your leadership skills.

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Marcos: Leaders fail for many reasons. A good point you made was leadersfail because all they want to do is give orders. Leaders need to realize theycannot build a organization on their own they need the help of other people. Ifa leader has a persons respect they will be able to get that person to do whatthey need to do to get the job done.  Itis good to know the differences between station house sergeants and streetsergeants. House sergeants and street sergeants are thought of differently bythose whom they supervise (Peak,Gaines & Glensor, 2010, p.74).  A person who delegates can be seen as the personwho accomplishes nothing as you said. Reasonbeing they did not hand over responsibilitycorrectly. In the end, successful leaders love being leaders – not forthe sake of power but for the meaningful and purposeful impact they can create(Liopis, 2013).


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