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Kohlberg’sStages of Moral Development

Based  on your readings for this week write a response in at least 250-300words to the following prompt:

Chapter 7 introduces us to Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development. Aprovocative question is whether the system of law enforcement should, on anylevel, make distinctions between crimes motivated by more or less moralinterests. For example, should we consider persons who violate the law formoral reasons less reprehensible and thus less legally blameworthy than others?Consider and answer the questions regarding the following hypothetical casesinvolving law-breaking behaviors. Which, if any, of these behaviors areimmoral? Why? Based on Kohlberg’s model, at what level and stage of moraldevelopment would you place the person(s) in the following scenarios?

  • A recently laid-off husband and father of five stealsseveral food items from a local grocery store to feed his hungry children.
  • A concerned mother drives 80 miles-per-hour in a55-mile-per-hour zone to get her child to the hospital. The child has 104degree fever.
  • Two officers respond to the scene of a reported robberyat a convenience store.  While the first officer is interviewing thevictim, the second officer is observed by the first officer taking candywithout paying for it. The first officer does not say anything.

Now consider the following legalbehaviors. Which, if any, would you consider to be immoral? Why? GivenKohlberg’s model of moral development, at what level and stage would you placethe actor in question?

  • Passing by a dark alley late at night, a young manwitnesses what appears to be a rape in progress. As he is unsure what ishappening and somewhat afraid to get involved, he chooses to simplycontinue on his way.
  • A young couple has managed to accumulate $50.00 worthof late charges at a local video store. Upon their next visit, the storemanager informs them that there has been a computer malfunction, resultingin the store losing track of all late charges on customer accounts. The manager asks them if they had any outstanding charges, to which thecouple replies, “No.”

Kohlberg instituted the utilization of dilemmas to perceive the ethical choices that youngsterscreate at completely different stages ofdevelopment, encouraging youngstersto deem choices, outcomes and effects of a decision; at completely different stages ofdevelopment, actions are valued otherwise. As individuals, we all facelife-shaping ethical choices. Some of the most important decisions we asindividuals face in life involve ethical or moral questions. Kohlberg’s Stages of Moraldevelopment Punishment and Obedience, Instrumental Purpose and Exchange,Interpersonal Expectations and Conformity, Law and Order, Social Contract/Rights, Universal Ethical Principles (Williams& Arriago, 2012, pg. 129),


Williams, C. R., & Arriago, B. A.(2012). Ethics, crime, and criminal justice (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle,NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

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