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 week4 discussion 2 (2)

Consequentialismand Ethical Decision Making

In the scenario using utilitarianismthe officer not approaching was the right thing to do because his shift wasover and he was also setting an example for the rookie. Another issue he faceis he is about to retire and if he stip.and said something to the young guys itcould have been a bad consequence like been injured or death because if theydidnt care enough to not smoke in public they wont care about other actions.
As for ethical egoism the police officer was acting im his own self interest imgetting off and not going over his time by having to pursue another suspect.
As for contractualism the young adults were not causing no harm to no one noteven to myself. Overall the police did not do anything ethically wrong becausehe did not cause harm to anyone he just was minding his business and acting inhis own self interest.

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