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Moral Virtue and Moral Vice

Based  on your readings for this week write a response in at least 250-300 words to the following prompt:

Describe in detail the difference between moral virtue and moral vice.  

Think about these criminal justice professionals; police officers, probation/parole officers, and lawyers.

  • List five characteristics that you would argue are most typical of the character of each of these types of professionals.  
  • Why did you choose these virtues or vices for each professional?  
  • Are these chosen characteristics, for each professional, virtues or vices? Why?
  • Finally, list five characteristics that you feel would be ideal or desirable for each of the three types of professionals to embody and why.
  • Required Text

    Williams, C. R., & Arriago, B. A. (2012). Ethics, crime, and criminal justice (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

chapters nine, ten and eleven I will read thanks

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