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Rights,Morality, and the Criminal Justice System (Discussion 1)

Human rights are basically “natural rights […] that basic[ally] guaranteesexist and that all people possess them simply by virtue of being human.”(p.177) An example of this is the right to live, we are born and deserve to diea natural death. Another right would be to perform reasonable work for areasonable wage under safe conditions that do not unnecessarily cause harm,injury or death.

Legal rights are developed by man and afford certain protections that othermen should abide by. These protections result in the orderly administration andoperation of communities and societies. There are many different types of legalrights from criminal and processes, to medical and real estate that establishwho is responsible for what and under what conditions. They also create howviolators will be tried and punished. 

Sometimes man creates laws that don’t quite make sense or don’t seem right.That conflict is the result of clashing with a higher moral standard known asmoral rights. Moral rights are another form of human rights that exist simplybecause of human existence and are “inalienable liberties and protections[that] possess deeper and more enduring significance than any formal rightsthat might or might not be created by government.” (p.178)

Williams, C. R., & Arriago, B. A. (2012). Ethics, crime, and criminaljustice (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

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