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TheTransition to Community Policing

Identify and explain three differences between traditional andcommunity policing philosophies.

Traditionaland community policing are both great philosophies they both work well. Onedifference between the two is that community police is just that they deal morewith the community where as traditional policing deals with the crimes in thearea. A second major difference is that traditional police won’t respond unlessthere is a real crime that is being committed. The community police respondregardless to try and keep the peace. Another difference is that communitypolice want to get the community involved to see if they have ideas on how tobetter fight crime whereas the traditional police don’t take input from thecommunity they are more fact based decision makers.

What historical perspectives haveinfluenced the transition from traditional policing to community policingwithin many departments across the country?

Iwould have to say that 9/11 had a big factor on this. I would say that ithelped make the jump because with community police they ae seen as almost“feelers” for the community they are in the area and are more involved with thecommunity so they may know of something happening before it happens and that isa huge help.

”Whilepolice departments across the United States have been implementing theprinciples of community-oriented policing for nearly two decades, the threat ofterrorism and the concentrated efforts of Homeland Security have forced thepolice to rethink their role.” (Oliver, 2008). 

Afterjust writing a paper on homeland security I know that 9/11 had a great impacton how it came to be and was ran.

What impact did this transition havewith regard to law enforcement administration and management?

Therewere several impacts that these transitions had when community policing came tobe there had to be funding for it so there were some issues with that. Likewhere was the funding coming from and where exactly was it going to be spent.


Oliver,W. (2008). Community Oriented Policing A Systematic Approach To Policing.New Jersey: Pearson Education Company.

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