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CommunityPolicing Case Studies

Compare two of the “Cop in Action” case studies from ChaptersThree, Four, or Five of the textbook. Describe the specific details thatidentify the course of action as a representation of one of thethree policing models described. What characteristics specific to thatparticular policing model lead to successful implementation within the casestudy?   The first cop in action is the highprofile program successfully drives prostitutes out of town. In this case it isabout fighting the war on prostitution. It focuses on St. Petersburg which isfinding new ways to eliminate prostitution by sending out Dear John letters and“mapping” an area where they deny the prostitutes access to where theypreviously worked.

Thisfirst cop in action resembles the strategic oriented policing. “There are no limitationsto the methods that can be employed under strategic policing.”(Oliver,2008). The strategic oriented police are targeting the prostitution problemwhich many feel is a waste of time and resources. With targeting prostitutionby sending out Dear John letters letting offenders and family members know theconsequences if they get caught.

Thesecond cop in action is the Kansas City gun experiment. In this experimentKansas City focused on seizing illegally carried fire arms. In the 29 weekprogram they found out that the police officers that were in charge of theselected neighborhoods didn’t spend as much time patrolling the streets as onethought. On average the officers only spent 3.27 car-hours out of the 12car-hours patrolling the streets the other hours were spent working on reports.

Thiscop action resembles the neighborhood oriented policing. This action focuses ona selected neighborhood where the officers patrol and focus and look forcertain things in this case the officers are focusing on finding illegallycarried firearms.


Oliver,W. (2008). Community Oriented Policing A Systematic Approach To Policing.New Jersey: Pearson Education Company.

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