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Strategicand Neighborhood-Oriented Policing Philosophies

Based on the textbook readings, explain the differences between strategic andneighborhood-oriented policing. What are the significant advantages anddisadvantages of each with regard to the law enforcement administrator’sperspective?  

There are manydifferences between strategic-oriented policing and neighborhood-orientedpolicing.  One of the biggest differences is the fact that thestrategic-oriented sends officers out into the community to deal with issuesthat arise and the neighborhood-oriented are already in the communitiespatrolling in case they are needed.  Having neighborhood-oriented policecan be a good thing because if something happens they can have a quickerresponse to the area where needed.  Having the strategic-oriented policeis there when the neighborhood police need more help.  
  Some advantages are that the two of these worktogether when needed in the communities and are willing to help. Communication seems to be very accurate between these two areas of thedepartment.  The disadvantage is when the officers are not in the areathen the community starts to feel that the officers are not patrolling theirareas as much.

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