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Week 3 Discussion 1

Organizational Change and Total QualityManagement

Based on the textbook and reading assignment, “ChangingOrganizational Culture to Adapt to a Community Policing Philosophy,” what are two issues encountered whiletransitioning an organization to a community policing philosophy? What barriersimpede the effectiveness of Total Quality Management (TQM) in theprocess of improving organizational structure that can best facilitatecommunity policing? How do “traditional” policing attitudes improve or impedeorganizational change?  

Intransition to community policing philosophy the department faced some problems.Among the issues faced included resistance by the police enforcement officers.Many agencies have tried to motivate the law enforcement officers into the newcommunity policing philosophy just to find then sticking to the traditionalpolicing methods. This is brought about by the resistance to changes that mightbe as a result of fear of unknown.  Theother issue faced in transition is developing a poor plan for meaningfulpartnership with the community. This has affected the transition from thetradition policing philosophy to the community policing philosophy.

Barriers that can impedeeffectiveness of Total Quality Management in facilitating community policinginclude the bad altitude by the officers where the change is required. Some ofthe law enforcers may feel that there is no need for a change. The second thingis the law enforcer’s resistance to changes. This will affect total qualitymanagement in the policing policy changes (Speegle, 2010). Also, the officersmay have deficiency of cultural dynamics that are based on the fact that thedepartment has been in the traditional policing method that was not dynamic.Lastly, poor planning can also hinder the department from the changes.

Traditional policing attitudemay impede the organizational changes in various ways. First, the police mayhave already adapted to the traditional method and feel that there is no needfor a change in the department.  Theofficers may also develop fear of the unknown leading to the organizationfacing resistance to change.  Officersmay feel that the changes may bring a lot of changes in their line of dutiesleading to great resistance by the officers. Without partnership relationshipsinternally, law enforcement managers cannot respect their employees to buildthem externally. (Hafner, 2003).


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Speegle, M. (2010). Quality concepts for theprocess industry. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Cengage Learning.

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