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OrganizationalChange and Total Quality Management

Based on the textbook and reading assignment, “Changing Organizational Cultureto Adapt to a Community Policing Philosophy,” what are two issuesencountered while transitioning an organization to a community policingphilosophy? What barriers impede the effectiveness of Total QualityManagement (TQM) in the process of improving organizational structure thatcan best facilitate community policing? How do “traditional” policing attitudesimprove or impede organizational change?  


The twoissues I noticed while reading the text and other literature was the fact thatyou need to get the buy in of the commanding staff.  The program is atough and complex program and the work most often gets put on the front lineofficers.  The leadership must assist them and share some of the burden ofthe new process.  Along with this comes the fact that the leadership needsto evaluate and change the program if it is needed.  Many unsuccessfulattempts at community policing are due to the fact that a process is developedand then handed down and never reviewed again.  This will not work andwill only lead to a failed process  (Oliver, 2008).

 The second issue I identified was the status quo of the department.  Itties into the first observation but dives a little bit deeper.  Theprocess is implemented but the department does not embrace the program and theyjust basically keep doing the job the way they have been doing it.  ChiefHafner of the Keller Police Departments wrote that in order for his departmentto implement the community policing process, he had to change the way thedepartment felt and worked.  Once he established the buy in with hisdepartment, he also gained the support of the community and their buy in to thecommunity policing concept.  Now he is enjoying the success of asuccessful program, happy community and most of all a happy police force (Hafner, 2003).

 Total quality management is squashed or impeded due to the issues statedabove.  If the department does not continually review the progress andresults of the data collected and adjust the program for success, it willfail.  Community policing is a new way to police the community and thedepartment, the community and leaders must embrace and accept the new roles andwork together in order for it to be a positive experience.  Traditionalattitudes impeded the implementation of the community policing program. The status quo will not work and the old ways need to change and keep changingfor the program to be effective.


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