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MaximizingCommunity Involvement

In reviewing “Community Involvement: The Ultimate Force Multiplier,” thoroughlydiscuss and explain three areas where community involvement hasbeen identified as the key to the success of the department or agency. In youropinion, what is the key component in securing the desired level of commitmentfrom the community? Why?  

Community involvement is important to allowing the communityto feel safe and know the police officers that are patrolling their community.The community needs to feel they can trust the police and by involving thecommunity and communicating with them this allows them to not fear the police.Having proper training for police officers allows them the ability to beprepared for a situation that might occur at some point. With communitypolicing this allows the community to work with police to help reduce theamount of crime in their community, as well as be involved in what’s happeningin their community and other communities.

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