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In reviewing the text, the author identifies Ten Principles of theCommunity-Oriented Policing Chief. Select four of the principles,in rank order, that you deem to be most important for the Chief’s success.Provide your opinion as to why these principles are most important.  Doesthe importance of these selected principles change over time based on theestablished implementation of community-oriented policing?

LEA 312 WeekFour Discussion One

In reviewing the text, the author identifiesTen Principles of the Community-Oriented Policing Chief. Select fourof the principles, in rank order, that you deem to be mostimportant for the Chief’s success. Provide your opinion as to why theseprinciples are most important.  Does the importance of these selectedprinciples change over time based on the established implementation ofcommunity-oriented policing?  

Leadership- My firstranking of the ten principles for a police chief would be leadership.  Ifeel this is important because if you cannot lead people or in this case adepartment and community, the program will not work.  Leadership has manytitles or styles and it does not matter which one the police chief is but heneeds to be able to lead a team to a common goal.  Some of the traits thata good leader should have are; honesty, focus, passion, respect and excellentpersuasion abilities just to name a few  (Farrell, 2011).  Someonemust lead the charge for change and implementation and a good leader as apolice chief is the answer.

Educator, Motivator and Trainer-  Thisprinciple comes in a close second as you must be able to take the vision ofwhat the police department will look like, how it will interact with thecommunity and who will be responsible for the different parts of the program. Implementing community policing is a tough job and you will need a leader whocan motivate the parties to keep working towards the common goal.  Thechief will also have to train and educate those that need it so that theyunderstand the process completely.  If you can teach them, keep themmotivated through the process, then this will allow for success at a muchhigher rate.

Commitment- This is prettymuch what it says, you need a chief that is committed.  I have seen somany leaders in our community come in, lay out a great plan and then after afew months you read where they are looking for another job or they have begananother program and the original plan has not been completed.  Commitmentto the community and to the department is paramount for community policing tobe successful.

Role Model-  Having achief that is a role model is a key for the solidifying of the process ofgetting the community to trust him or her and the department.  Peoplenaturally will base their opinion off of the latest news or drama and so if thepolice chief has been involved in some questionable circumstances indisciplining his officers or other items, they will loose faith in the chiefand ultimately the department.  Trust from the community members is importantin community policing and this allows for the program to grow and getimplemented with little resistance and increased participation.

 I do not think that the principles change over time but they will rise to morevisibility depending on the situation.  Once the community policing is inplace and is operating, if a situation such as an office who has actedinappropriately occurs, it will be important for the chief to handle thesituation properly and without issue in the eyes of the community.  So astime goes on, they will rise and fall depending on the situation but they donot change as far as importance.


Farrell. (2011, August 3). 23 Traits Of GoodLeaders. Retrieved September 23, 2014, from CNN Living:

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