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LEA 312 Week Four Discussion Two


Thoroughly explain the importance of the community policing evaluation process,two forms of evaluation used in determining policingeffectiveness, and how the evaluations are used by the administration. How does the community policing evaluation process differ from that used inevaluating traditional policing? In your opinion, does the evaluation processproperly identify successful implementation or areas of concern? Why or whynot?

Thoroughly explain the importance of the community policing evaluationprocess, twoformsof evaluation used in determining policing effectiveness, and how theevaluations are used by the administration.  How does the communitypolicing evaluation process differ from that used in evaluating traditionalpolicing? In your opinion, does the evaluation process properly identifysuccessful implementation or areas of concern? Why or why not?

 The evaluation process for community policing is a very critical piece of theprogram.  It is imperative that the progress be measured and that changesor adjustments be made if needed.  It is not a style of policing that canbe just status quo and never changing, it must be a living process changing forthe better all the time.

 One use of evaluation is the survey which is the easiest way to collectinformation.  They can be in written form or telephone but you can gainthe insight of the community and their perception of the department and theprogram.  You can also use the survey method within the department as wellto gain more in depth feedback on the internal progress as well  (Oliver,2008).  Surveys are a great tool to use and they are relatively easy andcost efficient to use

 The second method would be reviewing case studies and evaluating them. Case studies look at data compliled from the implementation of the program andthe response of the community over time recording the events that haveoccurred.  Once the database has been created, the analyst can look forcommon themes or denominators and can suggest a change or adjustment to be moreefficient or positive  (Oliver, 2008).

 Although there would be different items to evaluate, I believe the sameevaluation process could be used in traditional policing as well.  I lookat the situation this way and I have even used this while serving on the Boardof Education.  We are selling a service to the community much like sellinga product.  You must check to see if they are satisfied with the productand if not, what do they need to get changed.  We were faced with a delemaon whether to build a community auditorium or not.  We did not have thefunds so we went to the public with forums and put a tax levy on the ballot andasked if they wanted this project, they could support it with their vote. In all the meetings everyone was for the project but no one wanted to pay moretaxes for it.  It works the same in policing a community, what are theirexpectations and how can we meet them.


Oliver,W. (2008). Community Oriented Policing A Sytematic Approach To Policing.New Jersey: PearsonEducation Company.

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