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TenPrinciples M week 4 Discussion 1

In reviewing the text, the author identifies Ten Principles of theCommunity-Oriented Policing Chief. Select four of the principles,in rank order, that you deem to be most important for the Chief’s success.Provide your opinion as to why these principles are most important.  Doesthe importance of these selected principles change over time based on theestablished implementation of community-oriented policing?  

Thefirst principle of importance for a police chief to me is leadership. A goodleader has values of everybody in mind, not only their own. “The chief must beable to articulate truthfully where the community is, where it needs to go, andwhy the components and structural reorganization of community-oriented policingare necessary to achieve these goals.” (Oliver, 2008. Pg. 277) A great leaderdoesn’t have to talk about great news. It is important that they tell thecommunity the good and the bad. Shielding the community is not going to make aproblem going away, but a good leader will get everybody on the same page a seta goal that everybody can work towards together.

Ithink the second most important principle is commitment. When somebody iscommitted, they won’t give up when times are hard. If a leader of a group givesup, the group has no place to look to for help and guidance.

Thethird most important principle to me for a police chief is the wiliness tochange. As society changes, new measures need to be taken which calls forchange. They must be willing and able to adapt to change, as well as knowingthe best route to the change that needs to be made.

Thefourth most important principle would have to be power sharing. Like I havestated before, the community sees and knows things that officers do not. Ithink that the input from community members helps the police chief to makedecisions that give the community trust in the system.

Oliver,W. (2008). Community-oriented policing: A systematic approach to policing(4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN 13:978-0-13-158987-2

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