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EvaluatingPolicing Ash week 4 discussion 2

Thoroughly explain the importance of the community policing evaluation process,two forms of evaluation used in determining policingeffectiveness, and how the evaluations are used by the administration. How does the community policing evaluation process differ from that used inevaluating traditional policing? In your opinion, does the evaluation processproperly identify successful implementation or areas of concern? Why or whynot?

Casestudies and surveys are 2 formsof evaluation used in determiningpolicing effectiveness.

Casestudies are used by the authorities to help determine what areas they need towork on and what areas they are excelling at. There are many different casestudies that have been done to determine the effectiveness of new policeprocedures that are being implemented. “Here to stay or on the way out”(Oliver2008) was an effective case study that was done in 6 cities.

Casestudies are an effective way to evaluate. It is important though that youchoose different case studies at different times because when they locate aproblem they need to be able to check it and make sure that it isn’t arecurring issue.

Surveyshelp to determine the policing effectiveness by not only comparing what theofficer in the departments want and need improvement on they also ask what thecommunity wants and needs from the departments to feel safer.

Surveysare an effective method to use as well the biggest thing with survey is makingsure that the questions that are on the paper are real issues to thedemographic that is being distributed to. If it is a general survey withgeneral questions then there is no way to get to the bottom of what the realproblems are.

Thetraditional policing method that has been used was crime statistics. Thatprocedure still works in too days times so in that regard nothing has changed.With evolving times that experiences have to change to accommodate the growingcrime populations and the larger neighborhood and also the expanding departmentsso in that area the case studies and surveys help to figure out where thereneeds to be improvement.


Oliver,W. (2008). Community Oriented Policing A Systematic Approach To Policing.New Jersey: Pearson Education Company.

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