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The argument over leaders being bornor made has and will rage on for the foreseeable future.  My follow up toyou is this, can you take someone who is not an alpha male/female and make thema leader?  I never realized that I was until after I was in police workfor awhile.  However, I quickly realized that I was.  Do you feel asthough there are areas that could possibly be tested to help bring this outsooner?

A alpha male or female is someone who is dominant, and people look up tothem. People naturally turn to a Alpha male or female for leadership. They knowhow to lead because they know how to handle a stressful situation well, and areconfident in themselves. They can also instill confidence in other people. How about someone who does not realize thathe or she may be?  How can you get them to evolve into this? I believe this type ofperson can be fixed. You can be the opposite of them. Anything you do or saywhile angry will be used against you. If you open your mind to other  individuals opinions. Everybody is somebody’s difficult person at least some ofthe time (Ten Types, 2007). Do you feel as though there are areas thatcould possibly be tested to help bring this out sooner? Not sure on thisquestion


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