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ProfessionalDevelopment Week 2 Discussion 2

Write a response to the following prompt:

Explain why it is said that police leadership is now confronting a “crisisstage.” Describe what may be done in the form of professional development toaddress this problem.

It is evident that the policeleadership is now confronting a “crisis stage”. As in any other organization,the policing department required a leadership that can be able to solve theproblem associated with the requirement of the department. The law enforcementprofession has gotten into a leadership crisis due to the increased number ofunqualified candidates to fill the unidentified police leadership positions.There are no enough qualified workers to fill the vacuum of leadership in thecurrent policing program.

Fewer candidates today arewilling to vie for appointed position of police chief in different policingdepartments. Each of the current police chief is also avoiding the highest rankin the career ladder thus posing a crisis in the police leadership. The new andexperienced police recruits said to avoid the so-called headaches and stress ofbeing a high-ranking police chief. No preparation is apparent in the currentpolice departments for succession.

To be able to address thisproblem it is necessary to first analyze the cause for the scarceness in thenumber of qualified officers to fill the leadership crisis. The current policeleadership should also undertake to implement plan on how to address thecrisis. The police organization needs to do the necessary consultancy andperform the implementation of the succession plan for the executive levels inthe leadership. The law enforcement has to take the responsibility ofleadership skill development to offset the diminishing number of individual totake up leadership position. Police chief should prepare people to succeed themonce they retire from service. Each of the agencies needs also to providebetter career development grounds for the future leaders in police (Kouze &Posner, 2012). Internal personnel development needs a focus in order for thepolice organization no solve the problems.

Often timespolice officers are taught how to manage but they also need to understand howto become leaders and make tactical decisions the way that a drill sergeantwould. (Wyllie & Fairburn, 2010). Training isimportant for supervisors themselves; among the avenues of professional growthfor police supervisors are training, education, literature, and professionaland civic organizations that contribute to career development. (Peak, Gaines,& Glensor, 2010, p. 161).


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