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Explain why it is said that police leadership is now confronting a “crisisstage.” Describe what may be done in the form of professional development toaddress this problem.

Marcos Policeleadership is now confronting a crisis stage because of the high volume ofveteran officers that are retiring from the force.  I have personally seenthis in my department within the last couple years.  We call these guysthe Vietnam era cops, because most of them are Vietnam Veterans or were hiredat the end of the war.  The problem is that they are retiring in largenumbers so the department is constantly hiring to make up for attrition. Mostof these individuals are our salty sergeants and lieutenants so these positionsare coming open in great numbers.  This is why I am now working towards mydegree so I can remain competitive.

The department leadership can ensure that this type of transition goessmoothly by implementing a good form of professional development to addressthis problem.  Chiefs need to take a long view and look at successionplanning and leadership development as a continuous process that changesorganizational culture. To provide for the ongoing supply of talent needed tomeet organizational needs, chiefs should use recruitment, development tools(such as job coaching, mentoring, understudy, job rotation, lateral moves,higher-level exposure, acting assignments, and instructing) and career planning(Peak, 2010).

This can be achieved by identifying those individuals within the departmentthat may be potential candidates and place them into areas such as details thatcan allow them to expand their view of the department.  This will alsorequire for individuals who are in those leadership positions to mentor orgroom individuals so that they can be prepared to move into higher positions orassume responsibilities of certain programs within the department.

Peak, Kenneth J., Larry K. Gainesand Ronald Glensor. Police Supervision and Management for AshfordUniversity, 3rd Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions. VitalBook file.

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