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Explainwhy it is said that police leadership is now confronting a “crisis stage.”Describe what may be done in the form of professional development to addressthis problem.


Police Leadership is nowconfronting a “crisis stage”It is said that policeleadership is now confronting a “crisis stage” simply because of whatthe “near future holds such as: the current aging, turnover, andretirement of “baby boomers” and other generational employees”(Peak, Gaines & Glensor, 2010).  The chief’s main job “is toprepare colleagues in the organization for the next advance in their careers;indeed, today the mark of a good leader is ensuring a ready supply of capableleaders for the future” (Peak, Gaines, & Glensor, 2010).

What needs to be done is preparation of successor which “can help a chiefestablish an important legacy-one that will sustain the improvements andprogress that have been made, offer opportunities for mentoring, and instillthe importance of the organization’s history” (Peak, Gaines, &Glensor, 2010).  There also needs to be a key competency at every level ofthe organization.  Having people perform outside of their comfort zonewill allow these leader to know who to pick when it’s time for them toretire.  Chief’s also have to “look at succession planning andleadership development as a continuous process that changes organizationculture” (Peaks, Gaines, & Glensor, 2010).  Not everyone is madeto be a leader, but in order to get a good leader, one must be trained, and putout of their comfort zone.  We have to “prepare employees to take ona broader roles and “escape the silos” (Peak, Gaines, & Glensor,2010).  I find the best way to have a good leader is sending them topromotional academies and management institutes.  These can help developchief executives as well as middle managers and supervisors in the kinds ofskills needed. 

The U.S. Army uses a few promotional schools which help future leaders know howto do things, and also it is set-up to get others out of their comfortzone.  When you attend these schools, you are tested on a few differentthings such as: leadership; written essays; job performance; and communicationskills.  These are important traits to have as a leader.  You have tohave a leader who is confident, and can perform under a lot of stress. 

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