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is thison the right track? In the chapter ittalked about performance evaluations and productivity please make any changeyou feel necessary

Productivity and Evaluation in the Police Department

Write a response to the following prompt:

  • What are the characteristics of today’s productive policedepartment?

  • Describe how evaluation criteria employed in the traditionalpolicing model, such as crime rates, clearance rates, and response times, havebeen problematic when applied to the community oriented policing and problemsolving strategy. Provide at least two solutionsto this.

    Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length.Support your claims with examples from required material(s), and properly citeany references.

    Effectiveness,efficiency, equity, and accountability are guiding principles (Peak, Gaines& Glensor. 2010, p. 169). When delivering a productive police department.

    As noted in Peak,Gaines, & Glensor (2010) Productivity is best accomplished through a teameffort with management, supervisors, and officers working to provide servicesto the community (p.191).

    Policing has gone underseveral revolutions over time. These changes are due to the need to provideexceptional and extemporary security and safety services to the people theyserve either in the community or in a certain region as a whole. Hence, themodern successful police department needs to show certain characteristic thatdefines their success.

    First, a successful policedepartment in modern law enforcement needs to be transparency in all itsendeavors. The police department puts the public trust at a higher notch onlywhen the officers are involves in transparent activities (Gaines and Worrall,2012). The police department must impose some directives to ensure that itgives relevant information to the public and conduct scrutiny to ascertain anyallegations. On the same course, the police department has to have high levelof accountability since the department has, at all cost, to maintain the highethical standards. It must ensure that officers acts responsibly.

    Additionally, the policedepartment has to ensure that it design applicable ways to reach the community.A community outreach characteristic defines the success of the policedepartment. Another characteristic is that a successful police department needsto have a plan and clear expectations that guides the officers to work asexpected and preserve the police conduct.

    Applying crime rates, arrests and citations, clearances andresponse time played a key role in traditional policing. However, in modernproblem oriented community policing strategy, these must be a challengeespecially because now we only need to measure the quality of the services andadequacy levels (Wadman, 2009). There are several flaws in the traditionalmeasures and were not broader and inclusive as in the modern communitypolicing. Community policing measures are more demanding and require muchinvolvement than the traditional.

    Managers andcommanders, on the other hand, must assist in the development of programs andstrategies that result in officers being able to accomplish goals andobjectives


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