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Organizationof Large Police Departments

Write a response to the following prompt:

  • Identify and explain the three main operationalunits existing within large police departments and theprimary function(s) of each type of unit.
  • How does a supervisor or manager manage each of thethree main types of units in a large police department, and what is themanager’s primary function/responsibility in each?

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The three main operational units existing within large police departmentsand the primary function are patrol, criminal investigation and trafficenforcement. According to Peak, Gaines, & Glensor, “the patrol officerspatrol the street, answer calls for service, make arrests and deal with publicproblems and crimes. Criminal investigations or detectives are involved in theinvestigation of crimes. They solve cases, arrest perpetrators, and recoverstolen property. Traffic enforcement is responsible for ensuring that citizensabide by traffic laws and investigate traffic crashes”(Peak, Gaines, &Glensor, 2010). There are numerous responsibilities for each of these positionsthat a manager or a supervisor had to have in order for each department toeffectively run smoothly.

There are five types of patrols which are automobile, foot, bicycle,horse, marine, and air. Depending on the type of patrol that an officer has,there are many responsibilities. The patrol officer supervisors “are to backofficers on calls, which represent the bulk of calls, especially priority onecalls. The supervisor also makes sure that the safety is enhanced and providesadvice and training for newcomers they also they make sure that their officerdo not negligent their responsibilities” (Peak, Gaines, & Glensor, 2010).

Criminal investigations on the other hand, compared to the smallerdepartments, larger departments have many investigative units. According toPeak, Gaines, & Glensor, “detectives are seen as individuals who collectevidence, interrogate suspect, and make arrest once they have enough evidenceto establish probable cause” ( Peak, Gaines, Glensor, 2010).  Within thetraffic unit the supervisor responsibility “is to ensure that traffic officersare writing citations that contribute to safety, locations with high numbers ofaccidents, and that contribute to most traffic crashes”(Peak, Gaines, &Glensor, 2010). However, the supervisor as well manager responsibility is tomake sure that all tasks are done in a proper manner and that the policies,procedures as well as the rule are effective as well.


Peak, K., Gaines, L. & Glensor, R. (2010). Police supervision andmanagement in an era of community policing (3rd ed.) Upper saddle, NJ:Pearson Education, Inc.

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