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ModernCrime/Issues and Supervision

Write a response to the following prompt: week 5 discussion 1

  • Describe the nature of one of these potentially deadlysituations and problems that confront police officers andtheir leaders:
    • Domestic violence
    • Drug abuse/use/trafficking
    • Gangs
    • School violence
    • Crimes in progress
    • Gun ownership
    • Critical incidents
    • Natural disasters and accidental calamities

What arethe roles of the police officer in the chosen situation and whatare some strategies/tactics employed by supervisors and police officers indealing with this issue?

Ourdiscussion first then the individuals tell bad and good of post listreferences.

Heather:For this discussion I have chosen Domestic Violence.  Domestic violencehas the potential to be the most dangerous for police officers.  Thiscalls can range for an assault to a homicide for both the victims and thepolice officers. Most domestic violence victims do not report it in fear thatthey will be harm more or killed.  Some also fear that their family orchildren will be harm.  According to our text, “police commonly expressfrustration that many of the battered women they deal with do not leave theirbatterers” (Peak, Gaines, & Glensor, 2012.  They are emotionallybattered and told no one will want them. 

Theroles an officer takes is to attempt to deal with domestic violence is: toincrease the police surveillance at the victims home, coordinate with others inthe criminal justice system and watching the offender (if the police have thetime or man power).  Another way that the police plays a role is to takethe victim to a safe house.  The courts could also mandate that theoffender should wear an ankle bracelet that will monitor his movements. 

Thestrategies that the police officer can use to curb domestic violence startswith our teenagers, both male and female.  We need to educate our youththat hitting your girlfriend or boyfriend is not alright and if they seesomeone else doing it, then they need to get involved and call thepolice.  The police can also set up a domestic violence awareness. This will get your neighbors involved.  They should call the police whenthey hear or see someone getting hit. Domestic violence affects us all.


Peak,K., Gaines, L. & Glensor, R. (2010).Police supervision and managementin an era of community policing (3rded.) Upper saddle, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN: 9780135154663

need to tell bad and good of post list references

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