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Homeland Security and Policing

Write a response to the following prompt:

  • What are the six main officervulnerability issues when dealing with homeland security/confrontingterrorists? Why are these issues a problem in terms of safety of theofficer?
  • List the initial steps that should be taken when responding to a terrorist or major event and how can COPPS assist in these situations either before, during, or after the event?

Yolanda wrote : The sixmain officer’s vulnerability issues when dealing with homelandsecurity/confronting terrorists according to Peak, Gaines, & Glensor, is“traffic stop, resident visits, rallies/marches, confrontation/standoff,revenge and retaliation and incidents responses. (Peak, Gaines, & Glensor,2010).

Theseissues are a problem of terms of safety of the officer, because I believeofficers need to know when and how to provide safety in terms of a terroristattack. Terrorist attacks do not happen that often in the United States andwhen they do happen some officers are unprepared on how to handle these typesof situations. According to Peak, Gaines, & Glensor, “police departmentsmust ensure that these threats are incorporated into training. Officers must alsounderstand and be able to respond to these threats, especially in the terms ofofficers safety” (Peak, Gaines, & Glensor, 2010).

Theinitial steps that should be taken when responding to a terrorist or majorevent is to “isolate/secure the scene, established control zone and command,stage in coming units. If command has been established report to command post,evaluate scene safety/security, gather witness statements and documents,institute notifications, request additional resources, secure the outer perimeter,control traffic, use self-protective measure, initiate public safety, assistwith control, preserve evidence, and participate in a unified command system”(Peak, Gaines, & Glensor, 2010).

COPPScan assist with the situation of terrorist attacks by interacting with homelandsecurity and helping the community to gain trust with the law enforcementofficers. COPPS can also help law enforcement officers to be familiar withother communities that have already been attacked.


Peak, K., Gaines, L. & Glensor,R. (2010). Police supervision and management in an era of community policing(3rd ed.) Upper saddle, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc

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