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Jacqueline wrote:

With all of the excellentinformation you have given us, what is your personal opinion of gun controlissues? Do you believe that individuals should have uninfringed rights to ownor possess a gun, do you believe in strict gun control laws that limit the personslegally allowed to own or possess a gun, or is there a middle area you take? 

Me personally, being the child of a police officer and having seen waytoo much violence on TV and knowing the situations my father was placed in orhad to deal with, feel that gun control laws need to be strict.  I have noissue with those in the profession of protecting and serving have every rightto have guns, but those citizens that are not trained to use them properly andkeep them safely away from children should not have them, and strictrestrictions need to be in place to prevent criminals from gaining access tothem.  I have no problem with an individual having a firearm forprotection of their house and family, but there needs to be guidelines andpossibly even psychological evaluations to determine the mental stability ofpeople requesting the right to own a gun. 

just need to answer questions and list references thanks

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