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TheDirection of Policing week 1 discussion 1

As discussed in Chapter One through Three of Police Administration,American police departments have evolved through several eras in which thepolice had different orientations or emphasized different aspects of theiroverall role or mission. Indeed, these changes have focused on a gambit ofchanges and directions. As noted, the September 11 terrorist attacks havesubstantially changed policing at all levels. However, it has been severalyears since the attacks, and the United States has not experienced anothersignificant attack.  

In what direction do you think American police should proceed with regard tocombating crime and training of personnel? Why?  How much emphasis shouldthe police place on homeland security given that citizens and communities havenumerous expectations and other issues that must be met? Why?

Your initial response should be 250-300 words in length. Your claims should besupported by the text and/or other academic resources. 

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