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PoliceCommunity Relations

Often, the community in which the police work is not accepting of the police orauthority, making the police officer’s job more difficult.  

Identify and discuss the barriers to a good police-community relationship. Howwould you avoid these issues or work to resolve them if you were a policeadministrator?  How would you avoid these issues or work to resolve themif you were head of a federal agency, state agency, sheriff’s office, or amunicipal agency? (In addition to answering from a police administrator’sperspective, answer from the perspective of two of the aforementionedagencies.) Would your techniques be different for each type of agency? How andwhy? 

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I think that communication is the biggest hurdle that a department andadministration has to get over when it comes to the community and departmentinteraction.  The other issue I feel causes tension is the media onlyreporting part of the facts if any facts at all. To address these issues I feelthat community oriented policing is a very good place to start. If the citizenscan feel free to talk to officers and feel they are not getting the run aroundthey will be able to get answers to their questions. I think programs likeneighborhood watch and citizens’ academies allow positive interaction with thedepartment and its members. I feel that the administration should be availableto an extent for the public to speak with. In instances where there is a lot ofmedia coverage I feel the PIO should get information to the media and answerquestions often to keep them from making their own story about theincident. 

I do not think there is any difference in how any of the agencies shouldhandle the situations. Positive communication and information sharing is thekey to slowing the problems and keeping everyone happy. Most of the public hasno idea the differences between a deputy, officer, or trooper other than adifferent uniform. People do not often even recognize the officers are indifferent uniforms. Most people see a badge and call it a cop regardless ofwhat agency the officer may be part of.

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