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mechanisticversus Organic Style of Management

As noted in Chapter Four through Six of Police Administration, there arevariations in how mid-level managers in police organizations and private sectororganizations administer their units. On the one hand, mechanisticorganizations exert more control over employees while organic organizationsallow lower-level employees to make more decisions and control the work theyperform. In some cases, this is beneficial, because units may adapt tocommunity needs more promptly. In other cases, it could mean that policeofficers are not achieving important departmental goals or that certainpolicies are not being kept. Police administrators must make sure that policiesare followed and that problems, such as excessive force, questionableshootings, or false arrests, do not occur.   

As a police administrator, how would you control the department while ensuringthat officers have and maintain good relations with the public? Would you adopta mechanistic style or a more organic style of management, or a combination ofboth? Why? Provide examples of situations in which each style would bebeneficial to a police organization

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