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Down’sBureaucratic Leadership StylesDown’s style of leadership theory (Chapter Sixof Police Admini

Down’s style of leadership theory (Chapter Six) has identified several types ofleaders that exist in every organization. On the surface, some of these typesappear to be completely dysfunctional and detrimental to an organization or lawenforcement department. However, there may be instances in which some of theseleaders can be beneficial.  

Provide examples of situations in which it would be beneficial to a lawenforcement organization for the leadership style to be that of conserver,zealot, or advocate. Then, provide examples of situations inwhich it would be beneficial to a private sector organization for theleadership style to be that of conserver, zealot, or advocate.Which style of leadership is most beneficial to either law enforcementorganizations or private sector organizations? Why?  

Your initial response should be 250-300 words in length.

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