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Ifyou were a police manager responsible for setting up a new in-car video system,what technology would you include?

AnIn Car Video system allows the collection of information and resources. Theseare used for researching motion picture acquisition technologies. It coversdigital video recorders, radar based systems and vehicle mounted cameraoptions. They provide law enforcement officers with additional eyes and ears.The Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology can be included whilesetting up a new in car video system. The Automated License Plate Recognitionsystems automatically capture an image of a vehicle’s license plate. The imageis transformed to characters and compared to plate number acquired to thedatabases of vehicles of interest. Then an alert is given to a police officerwhen the vehicle of interest has been observed (De, Ponsaers, Vijver, Bruggeman& Deelman, 2011).

Howwould you configure the activation scheme?

  Configurationrequires proper planning, implementation, training, deployment, use andmanagement of the Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology and theinformation it provides. The license plate reader should be fully fundedincluding interrelated information sharing networks. This encouragesconfiguration and thus appropriate law enforcement information is shared (De,Ponsaers, Vijver, Bruggeman & Deelman, 2011).

Howlong would you keep the information? Explain your answer.

  In Hess,Orthmann & Cho, 2014, since there are policies developed in order to ensurequality of data, security of the system and privacy of the informationgathered, information can be kept as long as possible. There must be compliancewith applicable laws and regulations and this ensures that information is keptlong enough.

Let’smake it even more interesting. Presume that you have a limited budget and canafford a fully integrated system for a few patrol cars or a limited system forall of your patrol cars. Which would you choose and why?

  A fullyintegrated system for a few patrol cars is the best option. A full integratedsystem gives police departments and law enforcement officers access to highspeed communication as compared to a limited system. A full integrated systemprovides rich data and the security and control of data network is enabled ascompared to a limited system (Hess, Orthmann & Cho, 2014).


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