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TheDirection of Policing

Again, great thoughts,
As a follow up, do you believe there should be some type of arc, like anexplosive arc or chemical arc around places such as military bases?
Would this help innocent citizens from becoming harmed if military bases areattacked?

the above are the first questions, and  the other is 

The Direction of Policing

My answer : The goal of communitypolicing is to get the officers an the public.  Community Policing isworking in Camden  New Jersey. They hired civilians to usecrime-fighting technology they didn’t have the staffing for. Tighteningalliances with federal agencies they removed one of the largest drug rings onthere streets.  Forty percent of the residents there are below povertyline.  The chief lets community leaders monitor surveillance cameras fromtheir home computers to help watch for developing crime (Zernike, 2014). Thepolice do not sit behind their desks anymore. Just the opposite in Ferguson.There the police do things in African American neighborhoods  that theywould unlikely do if it was a white neighborhood. Ferguson is a goodexample.  Michael was unarmed, and shot by a white cop. Cliven Bundy arancher in Nevada. denies the legitimacy of grazing fees on federal land,flouted the law for two decades (Horsey, 2014). Cliven Bundy confronted the police,  and was told by police to obey the law,  he was notshot.  Why can’t a African American  man do the same thing and getaway with it? There is suppose to be equal justice for all citizens. Why doescommunity policing work in one place but not the other?  As far as theOklahoma City bombing,  I am not sure if there was anything anyone coulddo to stop it? There was proof that we were warned of the attack before ithappened. Yet we did nothing to stop it?  Same with the September 11,2001attack on the World Trade Center?  You are right when you say Law enforcement needs to be trained on what to look for when dealing with terrorist activity.There is a program for that called RCPI which is funded by COPS, developed atraining program entitled “A Police Response to Terrorism in the Heartland:Integrating Law Enforcement Intelligence and Community Policing.” (Local LawEnforcement, 2002, p.10). The program has instructors with extensive experiencewho works with law enforcement, on intelligence & terrorism issues. Goodjob on your discussion.


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I am curious for my own information,have you seen where these programs were tested for results by chance?

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