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Ashford3: – Week 2 – Assignment

Management Theories,Leadership, and the Police Organization

Chapters Four through Six of Police Administration cover managementtheories and leadership styles and how they impact police organization. Imagineyou are the head of a law enforcement organization. Address the following asthey relate to management theory, leadership, and your department.

  • Identify the theory of management (from Chapters Fourand Five) you would ascribe to. Explain this theory as it relates to yourpolice organization.
  • Discuss how you would incorporate these ideas intomanaging your organization. What are the benefits and drawbacks of managingin this manner?
  • Leadership is discussed in Chapter Six. With regard toleadership, the police chief’s job is paramount in a police organization.However, the police chief often becomes a scapegoat for the many trialsand tribulations that befall a department. Identify the primary duties ofa police chief, and explain how they might be best fulfilled. Whatproblems await a newly appointed police chief? Describe how you wouldaddress these issues.

Your papermust be two to three pages in length (exclusive of title and reference pages)and formatted according to APA style. Support your claims and subclaims withmaterial from the text, Police Administration, as well as two academicresources from the Ashford Online Library.

One theORY IS Downs bureaucratic Leadership Style, 

Required Text

Gaines, L., & Worrall, J.(2012). Police administration (3rd ed.). United States: Delmar CengageLearning

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