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Down’sBureaucratic Leadership StylesDown’s style of leadership theory (Chapter Sixof Police Admini

Down’s style of leadership theory (Chapter Six) has identified several types ofleaders that exist in every organization. On the surface, some of these typesappear to be completely dysfunctional and detrimental to an organization or lawenforcement department. However, there may be instances in which some of theseleaders can be beneficial.  

Provide examples of situations in which it would be beneficial to a lawenforcement organization for the leadership style to be that of conserver,zealot, or advocate. Then, provide examples of situations inwhich it would be beneficial to a private sector organization for theleadership style to be that of conserver, zealot, or advocate.Which style of leadership is most beneficial to either law enforcementorganizations or private sector organizations? Why?  

Our discussion is first, then the individuals


The Conserver gets into a position they want to be in and are comfortablebeing in. Once they reach this position they settle in and do the job well withno ambition to further their career. In some cases such as a really good patrolSergeant this can be a good thing. You get a Sgt. that is a motivated, good attheir job, keeps the officers on their shift inspired and working to pleasethem that is a good thing. If that is the position the Sgt. wants to be in thatis good for the department. On the other hand it can be bad for the departmentwhen a poor leader gets into position and settles in for the long stay.  

In the case of a Zealot or a leader who has a specialized interest in whichthey become very good at and have a high drive for. This may be the officer wholoves traffic and spends all shift making traffic stops but not responding toother calls for service.  While this can be good in a large departmentwhere there are job specific units for them to succeed in and specialize theirefforts. In a small department where we need every available hand on calls forservice we cannot afford for someone to ignore the calls for service and justdo their own thing.

An advocate could provide motivation to their shift so long as theyencouraged healthy competition between the shifts. Once it becomes unhealthy itturns from good to bad as they drive a wedge between crews or departments. Inthe case of a small town force we rely on the help of state patrol andsheriff’s office employees. If we have an officer who is driving a wedgebetween the agencies it is not a good thing.

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